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If you have an interest in exploring the world of children's play, look at some of the sites listed here.

Alliance for Childhood. Play in the curriculum for Pre-school and Kindergarten

BBC article entitled: Generation 'play deprevation'

Canadian Child Rights Council

Children's Rights Alliance for England

Design + Build (Play). Creates stimulating and challenging environments for children to play in

Green activity settings reduce ADHD symptoms. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hooked on nature. Helping adults inspire children to get involved with their environment.

International Play Association, England,Wales and Northern Ireland Branch

International Play Association is an international non-governmental organization founded in Denmark in 1961.

International Play Association (Canada) "Promoting the Child's Right to Play"

International Play Association USA is the USA affiliate of International Play Association promoting the child's right to play.

Kids works with Disabled children, young people and their families.

London Play, UK. Supporting play projects across London.

National Institute for Play - Gathering scientific information about play.

Play Association Tower Hamlets. Promoting and supporting children's play opportunities throughout Tower Hamlets,London,UK


Play Education. Education and training.

Play Wales. Play organisation for the development of play in Wales, UK

Wild Zones. Fostering childrens free play in nature and creating intergenerational projects that build community

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