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Allow it! Productions -- a not-for-profit group dedicated to making short documentaries to help children's charities.

All footage, directing and editing is done by children and young people. 

 Our project: A Short Documentary

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One of our group asked the other,

‘What is it the kids say to each other when they want to be heard?’

The other answered, ‘Nose to nose, they shout “Allow it!”’


Aren’t these words of transformation?

Of wishes granted?

A phrase that means impossible things can happen—are allowed to happen

at Glamis Adventure.


Like that Saturday not long ago when

A young teen—the one who likes to leap from low buildings—

Stood pink-eared with pleasure, saying ‘All the years I’ve been

Coming to the playground,

I never thought I’d see her…’


Dame Helen Mirren

Beautiful and well-informed,

Strolling round the playground, filming

Close-up and middle distance—Allow it? She did.


She asked, ‘What’s your name?

Show me what you’re cooking?

Shall we go on the swings?'


She said, 'All children should have a place like this.'

She was shining and photogenic and so absolutely right.


Thank you Helen for the visit and for permitting the footage—

The kids called her Helen—she allowed it.


Director: Toni Tsaera
Film Editor: Kate Landels

Allow it! Productions Group includes Mark Halden, Mel Anastasiou, Rosamar Garcia, Kirsty Favell, Jary May, Dan Salmon, Susan Pieters.

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